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AMA With Tony Horton

By 31st January 2014 No Comments

Earlier today Tony Horton took the time out of his hectic schedule to hold a Reddit AMA session (AMA means ask me anything) and his fans and fellow fitness professionals certainly asked him anything!

We took a quick look through the thousands of comments and found a few of our favourites, which we’ve listed below. As the creator of the P90X®, a fitness programme that has help people all over the world reach their fitness peak, our first favourite is one which most fitness professionals would like to know about.

What was your major inspiration in creating P90x in the first place?

‘P90X was designed and created to help people get in the best shape of their life at home. No gym memberships, no massive equipment, no expensive trainers just the real deal in your house or apartment. Made sense to us, 6 million people seem to think so too.’

With such respect in the world of fitness it was inevitable that the hot topic of Crossfit would pop up. Tony simply stated that any programme, be it his, Shaun T’s or Crossfit, as long as you can do it day after day, month after month and year after year seeing improvements, losing weight and feeling better and not get hurt. Then he says ‘ROCK ON’.

The chat also touched upon the subject of Ketogenic diets and his thoughts towards them. He gave a straight forward answer.

‘I don’t eat one thing and avoid another with the hope that it’s going to burn more fat. I don’t have the patience for it. I train super hard 6 days a week, focus on
getting better, stronger, faster, and more flexible. And I eat like a beast. Palaeolithic meals, vegan meals, vegetarian meals, Flexetarian, Mexican, Italian.’

His advice was to stay away from processed foods,fast food and foods made in a factory. Just good old simple wholesome foods that his great great great grand parents would know. Simple enough!

Our final favourite question and his tip of the day is one that all fitness professionals could pass to clients.

‘Write down exactly what time and what you’re going to do for workouts in the month of February today. Write them down. Old school pen and paper and post it on the back of your front door. Hang a red magic marker on the calendar. My hope come February 28th there is at least 22 red X’s on your calendar.’

And to finish it off a subtle hint to hit up his YouTube channel and the revelation that as a child he used to be ticklish. An all round conversation with some amazing advice for fitness professionals, as well as a great show of admiration for Tony from his fans.