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7 Ways to Earn Your Buyer’s Trust Online

By 16th August 2016 No Comments

Here’s a mind-blowing statistic for you – approximately 96% of website visitors are not ready to buy, according to Kissmetric’s research.

That’s quite a high percentage, isn’t it?

There are many reasons for people being reluctant to spend their cash, but one of the biggest obstacles, when it comes to buying online, is trust.

Consumers need to feel safe, secure and comfortable before purchasing.

Just like in life, you don’t just trust anybody…you have to build it and this doesn’t just happen overnight.

So here, I’m going to show you have to build trust online and turn them website visitors into cash bearing buyers!


A stunning website.

It’s a given, really. Who wants to buy from a website that is stuck in 2002? The highest converting websites online are the ones that look good. According to recent studies, you have just 8 seconds to make a compelling impact on your visitors. After 8 seconds, the majority of visitors will simply leave.

A professional, stunning website instantly injects trust.

If you feel your website doesn’t do your business service, take a look at Active Blueprint – its perfect for businesses looking to make a big impression on a budget.



Give Visitors Valuable Free Content!

Valuable content gives website visitors the chance to see what you’re about before actually purchasing. This can range from free eBooks to video tutorials and all things in between. If readers like your content and find it beneficial, they will begin to trust that you know what you’re talking about and believe that your business is legit.

But keep in mind that giving away valuable content, for free, isn’t your ultimate goal. Your goal is to sell to these people. Don’t go overboard and offer endless amounts of freebies. And don’t forget to use a strong call-to-action at the end of your free content to try and get the readers to purchase.



Share Your Praise

One of the greatest assets to your business are the people who have used your service or bought your products before and absolutely love it!

It’s great to hear their praises isn’t it? But why stop there. Let the world hear how they feel about your business too!

Posting rave reviews from your customers is a sure-fire way to make a potential buyer feel much more secure. It’s the whole – “well if it’s worked for them it must be good!”

Give your testimonials an extra boost by creating video reviews. They are more trustworthy than just pictures and text.



Answer Questions Before They Even Ask

People always have questions but purchasing.

Try to think of possible questions they will have and answer them before they even get chance to ask.

As a business owner, a simple way to earn trust is to show your customers you’re one step ahead of them. Creating an FAQ page to break down the questions a user may have, shows you’ve got their back and empowers your visitors to seek help themselves.

Prove that there is no issue that would throw a great business like yours off the game by outlining all of the solutions for your visitors!



Let them try for free

Many fitness businesses have done very well by offering a trial or a session that shows the value and potential of the service without requiring an immediate commitment from the buyer. The service will need to be of high quality to convince users to become a regular customer.



Show off you and your business.

Having a face for your business will allow visitors and potential customers to relate to you in ways that you wouldn’t believe.

Uploading ads with your face and putting yourself on your website will create a personal connection with potential clients.

Provide valuable content and use your face next to it and, before you know it, people will recognise you and your business as a trustworthy brand.



Eliminate Typos, Spelling Mistakes, and Grammatical Errors.

This point ties in with our first point, talking about having a stunning professional website.

Your content copy is just as important as your styling and imagery. If your copy has spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, it instantly gives the impression that you’re not a serious business.

If you feel that copy writing isn’t your field of expertise, don’t just grit your teeth and type any old jargon. Hire a professional copywriter to create your content. This service doesn’t have to break the bank, either. There are a number of websites that offer professional copywriters for businesses working on a budget. Try:

Your content could make or break your visitors trust when visiting your website.


Final Thought

Trust is a big thing – just as much in business as it is in life.

Use the above points to build a trustworthy business and you will generate more high quality leads and more regular clients.

How else do you build trust with your website visitors? Let me know in the comments below.