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6 Business Apps You NEED While Travelling

By 13th July 2016 No Comments

In the fitness industry, travelling has become somewhat essential for the fitness business owner. From attending seminars and visiting other gyms to making significant connections in your fitness field.

This can obviously make your day-to-day schedule quite hectic and staying on top of your regular tasks quite difficult. So in this article, we are going to provide you with 6 top tools to make your travelling less stressful and prevent your workload from becoming a mountain to climb.



Travelling can bring a number of problems to your day, from flight or train delays, gate changes – you name it! In fact, if you get through a full day of travelling without any glitches then you’re one lucky kid!

GateGuru helps to make your day easier, giving you a door-to-door solution for your travels. GateGuru provides you with updates and alerts on your travelling to ensure you don’t miss any flights or trains and keeps your trip running smoothly.

As an added bonus, you can even rent a car on this app! Great tool to use during your trip.


Wi-Fi Finder

It’s 2016, staying connected to the Internet is crucial to running your fitness business. Keeping on top of your social media channels and your emails can eat up your phone’s data in no time so you really need Wi-Fi when possible.

However, it can be difficult to find a Wi-Fi hotspot while you are traveling. Wi-Fi Finder is an app that helps you stay connected while you are traveling. With more than 650,000 locations in more than 140 countries, this tool will help you find both free and paid Wi-Fi while you are on the go, keeping you connected to your network.


XE Currency

Ok, not so much a necessity but it’s a cool app for travelling, nonetheless! XE Currency helps you convert your currency into the local currency you are in.

Therefore, if you’re quite the globetrotter with your business, this tool will be extra handy to see how much that taxi ride truly cost you! With more than 180 currencies, this tool is free and easy to use. Even when you are offline, the app stores the last updates exchange rates so you can still access it.



Ever found yourself working while travelling to realise that you left a certain file on your desktop computer at home? The struggle is real.

But with Dropbox you can access all of your desktop files from anywhere in the world. Drop a file—a Word doc, a PDF, or a PowerPoint presentation—into your DropBox (free for iPhone and Android) and it’s instantly available on all your computers and phone.

You’ll always have access to your files while you’re on the go, plus, you can easily share your resume, your portfolio, or that presentation you finished at midnight, by sending other people a unique link that Dropbox assigns to each document.

A god send!



No matter where you’re travelling in the world, as a business owner, teamwork and deadlines are still crucial. Asana is a great app that allows you to communicate with your team in many ways. You can view progress, manage tasks and everything in between.

If you work within a team, this app is perfect.



Evernote is arguably one of the best apps for business owners. With the ability to create to-do-lists, share content with your team and organise documents and web articles, you really cannot go wrong.

Evernote can also be used as a digital assistant during your business travels. You can easily scan business cards and save them as contacts, keep track of travel expenses, and plan your trip by saving flight or hotel reservations.

After using this app for a few days you will kick yourself for not downloading it sooner!



Before you travel for your next trip, make sure you have these tools (or at least some of them) to make you itinerary easier to accomplish.

If you have any tools or apps that help you during your business travels, add them to the comments section below!