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5 Mistakes Fit Pros Make – and how to SOLVE them!

By 6th August 2015 No Comments

When we first begin speaking with clients, as many of you may know, we often discuss their online business and point out any mistakes that have been made online, when it comes to marketing their fitness business.

We have now come to find that, owning a business in the fitness industry comes with a number of pitfalls that, try as you might, you’ll most likely fall into.

Unfortunately, some fitness companies, who we haven’t shared our expertise with, will make the same mistakes over and over again.

However, do not fear, we have compiled a list of the five most common mistakes that we hear from clients, and exactly how to solve them…

Mistake #1: Refusing to sell weight loss.

This is quite a controversial mistake as some of you may disagree with this. But trust us.

As you will see from a number of posts on this blog, we truly believe that it’s essential, for the success of your marketing and your business, to highlight your specialization.

You may not specialize in weight loss. And that’s perfectly fine, but here is why you should still sell it…

Fact of the matter is, when people look for a personal trainer or a bootcamp membership etc. the majority don’t actually care about their overall health. Unless they are specifically there on doctor’s orders, the likelihood is, they aren’t massively concerned about living a healthy lifestyle; they just want to lose weight.

So even if you specialize in Pilates, CrossFit, bodybuilding or whatever, there will always be clients that just want to know if you’re going to help them drop some pounds.

Your speciality matters as it separates you from the crowd and helps with your marketing. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid reminding your clients and potential clients that you can help them look better naked!

Mistake #2: Selling Without a Sales Process

If you step into every sale without a plan, you’ll never see consistent success. Something which could destroy your business. If you can’t reliably predict how much money you’re going to earn each month how do you expect to run a profitable business?

You need to set in place a sales process that works and that is easy to repeat. This way you can rely on your ability and begin making consistent sales

Instead of worrying that a sales process is some magical power the likes of David Blane work with, you need to start picturing it as a set of building blocks that always go the same way, in the same order, producing the same results. Successful results.

Establish your sales process or find one that’s already successful and being memorizing it.

Mistake #3: Waiting for Referrals

It’s like the holiest phrase in the fitness-marketing world – referrals. It’s crazy – it seems like the majority of business owners are mystified on how you actually get referrals. Some believe that once you have everything right – from the studio looking badass to successful training regimes – that referrals just begin to come in.

But this isn’t the case.

There is actually no mystery behind referrals. They’re not impossible and you can easily get them.

Referrals are just like sales – it’s a process. The most crucial step of that process is asking for your referrals direct!

There is no special seed that you need to plant. Yes, clients will naturally talk about you and your services once your service is blossoming, but you cannot just rely on this to get significant numbers into your program.

So go ahead and ask if they wouldn’t mind mentioning you to their friends. Or better yet, offer free sessions where they can bring along their family and friends for a taster.

Mistake #4: Marketing that Doesn’t Work

Probably the most common mistake we hear from clients. It’s crazy how much money we see people pouring into marketing strategies that just don’t work.

We aren’t just a website design company. We are specialist in marketing when it comes to fitness business and personal training. We have countless amounts of posts on this blog on marketing campaigns and what works. Spend some time in reading our marketing posts before rushing into creating campaigns. It will help save you money in the future.

Just the free content on this blog alone is enough to get you started. Once you master the information available here, you will be good to go.

It’s the safest way to make sure you don’t flush away your cash on rubbish that always fails.

Mistake #5: Don’t invest in something that isn’t working

One on one training is great, but isn’t for everyone. That’s just the truth.

We’d all love to spend our days training the celebs like Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth, but in reality most of us don’t live in areas with enough affluent clients who can afford to pay us what we’re really worth.

Odds are, if you’re sticking to one on one training, you may end up having to drop your prices, making hardly enough money to eat!

A solution around this can lie in group training and boot camps as you can both lower prices yet make more money due to the amount of clients you’re training at once. If you’re struggling to get by with one-on-one, if your marketing is failing and the little clients you have aren’t willing to pay you what you deserve, then it’s time to consider trying a new model.

If you’re interested, book in with a FREE Strategy session with our web and marketing guru, Andy Bradbury who will discuss with you other solutions that can help you generate more money online.