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25 Reasons Deadlift is The Ultimate Exercise

By 26th August 2015 No Comments

It has to be the only exercise out there that can force such extreme emotions, out into the open, in one rep. The deadlift allows you to experience the ecstasy of the raw power brought on by moving big weight off of the ground. They can also make you want to curl into a ball and cry just at the simple thought of doing them.

Many may say that the squat is the king of exercise, however, we beg to differ! And to cement our thoughts, here are 25 reasons why the Deadlift is the ultimate workout


Chicks dig guys with strong powerful Glutes

Guys dig chicks with strong powerful Glutes

Deadlifts don’t just work the legs, they are a full body exercise, working your muscles from head to toe!

Deadlifting with chains will always look badass!

Bruce Lee did deadlifts with Franco Columbu. Chuck Norris didn’t. And this is why Chuck Norris is the butt of jokes, where as Bruce Lee isn’t.


No crunch could train the abs to work as hard as learning how to breathe and brace for that epic rep.

Your back gets ultimately ripped!

(Science Time) – Deadlifts build the strength and stability of lumbar spinal muscles.

It allows short guys to feel superior in the gym.

It allows tall guys to hate short guys more.


Crunches can’t work the entire core the way deadlifts can, nor can you ever look as badass doing crunches as you can deadlifts.

A powerful deadlifter has the mobility in their hips to do the splits.

Heavy deadlifts performed correctly, are not bad for your low back – debate over.

One of the only exercises that can develop depth and thickness to the upper traps and mid back is heavy deadlifts.

Fat burning capability is dependent on your metabolically active tissue, as well as the rate of activity within them. By having extra muscle mass and by having it cranked up to high activity means you have a greater chance of burning fat as well as becoming getting lean through deadlifts.


If you unfortunately have trouble adding muscle, heavy deadlifts will help you out, due to the testosterone and growth hormone alterations, which play on muscle hypertrophy.

Don’t worry ladies, you will not become too muscular from deadlifts. Female body builders need a lot more than just deadlifts to gain large size.

No other exercise has potential side effects like massive nose bleeds, red eyes, and the ability to vomit over 6ft.

Short lifters can develop more strength through deadlifts, whereas taller lifters can develop more velocity due to higher bar speeds.

Chicks dig long levers.


Lifting heavy weights through a stable and static base of support lets the core muscles work harder and faster.

Deadlifting actually helps you to use the toilet better. Let’s move on…

Deadlifts at maximum weight actually help you see God. After performing sets you may vision a bright light, and may even picture a few stars up there too.

Biceps are incredibly active during deadlifts, as they keep your elbow from distracting itself apart, and provide anterior shoulder stability. If you want arms, lift something heavy.

Seriously, why are you still reading this and not deadlifting?? Grab the bar and get performing them reps!