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12 Fit Pros You MUST Follow in 2016!

By 10th December 2015 No Comments

The fitness world is constantly changing – new workouts, new diet plans, new faces – it never stays the same, and that’s the beauty of it! As we get closer to the New Year, here is our forecast on the fit pros that will blow up social media in 2016…



Anlella Sagra

The 22 year old Colombian isn’t exactly a new face on social media, bosting an impressive 2.1m followers on Instagram, however, we have noticed Anlella diverting from the constant selfies and uploading more fitness posts. This will definitely boost her fit pro credibility.

“My goal is to help others get to where they desire, motivate and show them the best way to accomplish their goals and help them believe in themselves. Everything is possible, everything!”

We are expecting Anlella to become a bigger presence on other social networks including Facebook and putting her personal training business into full gear over 2016.




If you have a number of clients who are mothers and find it tough to fit in workouts, then tell them to check out this Instagram page. Briana Christine is a great Instagram fitness guru for moms who juggles parenthood and workouts brilliantly.

She also posts recipes, workouts and is apparently releasing a FREE bikini mommy workout in 2016, helping people reach their goals too.



Marie Purvis

When you’re a Nike NTC Trainer then you know your stuff – and that’s exactly what Marie Purvis is. Her Instagram is full of awesome workout tips and challenging followers to work out just like her clients. Training A-list celebrities and even athletes, it’s fair to say that Marie’s account is one both you and your clients can benefit from.



Trainer Paige

Another great account to recommend to any of your clients or potential clients who believe they’re too busy to workout. Paige posts how to be efficient both in and outside the gym. Offering health and fitness advice can sometimes seem overwhelming for many people – but Paige does it perfectly, showing how easy it actually is to live an active life.



Curtis Williams

Let’s not beat around the bush; Curtis Williams is a machine. Intensity, agility and sheer athleticism.

This former NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens traded the gridiron for the gym in his latest role as a sports performance coach and fitness director for the Under Armour Performance Center. With no shortage of sweaty snaps, his feed will inspire your clients to go HAM in their next workout!



Ben Booker

Climbing ropes doesn’t just end in the playground and Ben Booker proves that. The Daily Burn trainer combines ropes with mid-push-ups bringing out the best in the shoulders. Plus, his snaps of other fitness feats (grip strength trainingdynamic push-ups and more) will motivate you to be more creative with your workout sessions.



Shauna Harrison

Shauna lives by the hashtag #SweatADay. The Under Armour athlete posts videos with detailed instructions and a touch of sass. Definitely one to follow during 2016 – we are expecting awesome things from her.



Brett Hoebel

You may have heard of this guy before, especially if you’re a glute fanatic (who doesn’t love a sculpted butt!) Yes, Brett Hoebel has got a few go-to glute exercises on his Insta-feed, to say the least. But what sets him aside from the rest is his signature capoeira-inspired routines that mix yoga, bodyweight training and martial arts.

We can’t help but want to join in on his workouts! Check out his channel and use his mixture of styles to broaden your classes.



Neghar Fonooni

This lady has been featured in a number of our posts before and, with good reason, we are adding her to our list again! Expert trainer, Neghar Fonooni’s really is the definition of strong is sexy. Better still, she skips the whole airbrushed photshoots and keeps it real with candid posts that show it’s not all about perfect poses every day.



Ultra Marathon

Pushing yourself further runs in the blood of all Fit Pros. Many of you will (if not already) look at tackling marathons, assault courses and, for the elite, Everest! For inspiration, have a look at The Ultra Marathon’s Instagram.

This mega-distance runner has completed 50 marathons in 50 states on 50 consecutive days, and he hasn’t stopped there! The photo above commemorates his latest race through the South Pole. Motivation-much?!



Joshua Holmes

Keeping with the marathon vibe, it would be rude not to mention Joshua Holmes in this article. This beast of a man has run over 126 marathons and 26 races that were over 100 miles.

He’s covered pretty much every terrain possible, from roads and cross-country to beaches and mountains, which make a great backdrop for his posts. Talk about motivating! We’re ready to finish up and get out there ourselves!



Base Body Babes

One of the main priorites when training your clients is for them to have fun. If they’re not enjoying themselves then it’s a strong possibility that they will drop out sooner or later. This channel can help you add a touch of fun into your sessions.

The sisters and personal trainers do nothing but have fun while working out and will help you turn peoples frowns upside down in no time!