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Conor McGregor: The Marketing Genius!

By 3rd December 2015 No Comments

The biggest UFC show in its history is now just days away and if you’re fans of MMA like us, you will be counting down every hour!

Why is it the biggest show? Well that’s down to Conor McGregor of course. The Irish Interim Featherweight Champion has been making noise in the sport for quite a while and is now up there with former champion Ronda Rousey as the big money makers in the company.

But how? How has somebody able to draw in the biggest crowds in the sport without officially being UFC champion? It’s simple really and UFC chairman Dana White said it best; Conor McGregor is a marketing dream!

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, the 27-year-old undefeated featherweight took the sport by storm and hasn’t stopped since.

But what is it that has made McGregor the marketing dream that Dana White calls him? Here is exactly what…


Being OTT

McGregor is clearly a talented fighter and with 16 out of his 18 wins by TKO, the stats prove it.

But let’s face it – the Irishman is clearly more known for being the OTT showman, trash talking his way through interviews and press conferences. Ordinary people may think this is just, well, him being cocky. But it’s a lot more than that. McGregor is a businessman and he knows what works.

For example, Conor was recently in the headlines for his trash talk on Floyd Mayweather and how he would ‘dismantle’ him in the ring.

As soon as he said this, the Internet blew up. Trending on social media and sending Google analytics through the roof. Job done!

These sort of antics get people paying attention to McGregor and the sport. He’s bringing UFC and MMA to a more main stream crowd, with the upcoming event expected to be one of the biggest ever – tracking more than 1 million pay-per-view purchases.

Quick Tip: With your business, don’t be worried about branching out and doing something bold. Look for new ways to appeal to your customers. Don’t settle for where you are today.


Conor has been known for his swagger and taunting in the Octagon. Waving his finger at them, trash talking as they square up and even predicting how long the fight will last.

It’s safe to say that the man is extremely confident. He knows his in his abilities and he isn’t afraid to put his skills to the test. McGregor claims his success isn’t a result of arrogance, however. He says that his belief in himself is his most powerful ally.

Quick Tip: Believing you’re the best at what you do is a recipe for success. Ensure people that your services are second to none and don’t be afraid to show off your confidence.


Image is everything.

The snazzy tailor-made three-piece suits, the jewellery, the badass cars – Conor knows exactly what it’s like to create a unique look and it’s fair to say, his appearance has opened up many doors. McGregor is currently ranked 3rd in the world for his weight class, yet somehow he is nailing down more endorsement deals than the two guys ranked higher than him, combined! Having contracts with Reebok, Heineken, Dethrone Royalty clothing and Monster Energy Drink, to name just a few, McGregor is certainly doing something right.

Quick Tip: Your brand needs to be easily recognizable and have the right look for your target audience. You want people to instantly notice and recognize your business brand, which will help make your business more successful and help boost your revenue.


Always Be Unique.

McGregor is also known by some as ‘the notorious’ and ‘the Celtic tiger,’ as his peers respect him and loved by his fans.

He has made a name for himself that took him from obscurity to where he is today, that being the most Googled athlete from the Emerald Isle.

Quick Tip: You’re in a field of many competitors, but that Brands are always competing for consumers’ attention, so stand out. If you don’t, they’ll follow someone who is.


Final Thought

It’s clear to see that Conor McGregor is a brilliant asset to UFC, which is what you need to be for your business. Be bold, be daring and be unique from your competitors. This is how your business will grow in the way you desire. Got your checklist for January? Download it here for FREE! 



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