Why your Gym/Workout Class should join the Mannequin Challenge hype!


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It seems like every 3 months we see a new online craze that makes social media go, well, crazy!

Even though the ‘Running Man Challenge’ was only a few months ago, that amounts to a lifetime in the viral world and we were overdue a new viral craze.

Introducing the Mannequin Challenge!


What is the Mannequin Challenge?

Well, as you can see by the video above, the Mannequin Challenge is pretty straightforward. It consists of a number of people ‘caught in time’ – or so it seems – while the cameraman (or the person with the steadiest hand) walks around to give the impression that time has actually frozen.

These challenges are getting more and more crazy as the weeks go on, but the one above, by Bradley Martyn, really caught our attention.

It’s been viewed over 24 MILLION times and has sent the businesses brand awareness into overdrive! Which is why we think you should join the craze too!

Brand awareness, online, can really add credibility to your business and instantly add trust to your services – even if it is just from a video of you standing still!


What do I need?

All you need is a phone that takes high quality video (or a camera if you wish) a bunch of your colleagues or clients during a workout, a creative mind, and then the patience to hold a pose for a minute. Simple!

Adding your Mannequin Challenge video to your social media and adding a link to your website could really boost your traffic. Try boosting your video to give it a wider audience and extra oomph!

So many businesses wonder how to send their business viral in the social media world. Well, if you can nail an epic Mannequin Challenge then it could put you on the right path. Just remember to be quick, before the next viral craze steps forward to take the limelight!


Don’t forget to send us your challenges and we will upload the best ones to our Facebook Page !



Last modified: 17th November 2016

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